In July 2008, Medreich entered into domestic marketing through a joint  venture with a Chennai based company Saimirra Innopharm Limited. About a  year later in October 2009, Saimirra was completely taken over by Medreich  and from April 2011 we are proudly known by the name Medreich Lifecare  Limited, having corporate office located in Bangalore.

Our current establishment spans in the entire southern, western and parts  of eastern India with composite expansion plans Pan India. We market  over 30 specialty products in varied segments, our core target specialty  being Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, Paediatricians, Physicians and Orthopaedicians.

We hold the pride in being a pioneer and market leaders for L-arginine (in  the form of Arginitric), the most promising upcoming molecule in the field  of Therapeutic Nutrition. We have strong, competent sales force strength  of over 200 people backed by well organized and qualified office support  staff. Our entire products range has been designed and developed with  utmost care and research to provide not only unique features and benefits  to the end consumers but also gives us a competitive edge and differential  identity in the market. The domestic operations are lead by the able  guidance and leadership of highly experienced and qualified management.

Moving forward we intend to bolster the organization by 2012-13 as well as  our position in the Ob&Gyn and Orthopaedic segment. Our objective is to be  amongst the top 5 companies in these segments in the next 3 years. Our  definition for success is to make the company not only grow in terms of  topline but also to create a benchmark in the industry in terms of  achieving bottom line. We understand the challenges ahead and therefore  have identified the following key research areas so as to successfully march towards realization of our objectives.

  • Repositioning of selected existing products and develop them into brands that would create an identity and increase the market value of the brand and the company
  • A focused approach towards the targeted specialty through introduction of new, unique and first of its kind products and strategies
  • Optimization of field force providing everyone an opportunity to perform and be a part of profit sharing and in the process develop a leadership pipeline that would be the face of the company in the market and would be instrumental in creating landmarks of success

 Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive  industry knowledge, we have embarked our vision for 2013-14, which  includes creation of atleast two more than 20 crs brands in each target  segment and establishing point of reference leadership pipeline, and we are all set towards our corporate vision of winning together.


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